Book Review: Huckleberry Finn Audio by Elijah Wood


This book is one of the funniest and best I have ever read and I cannot say enough about the performance.

I had tried to read this book before and honestly could never get into it. The performance brings it to life.

Good Stuff:  Extremely funny. This book is deep and surprising.  It is both series of funny stories with no real point and a treatise on race relations in the United States.

Complaints:  I have none.  Be warned that the N-word is all over this book. It is also edgy about religion sometimes.  At a critical point Huck decides he will try to free a slave even though he knows it is wrong and will go to Hell for it.

Conclusion: I laughed out loud for a third of the book. At the end I clapped even though I was alone in my living room. I am astonished at both Mark Twain and Elijah Wood. You have to listen to this book. Seriously.

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